Routine and repetitive surveys require a sophisticated and structured approach to the execution of the survey and the management and reporting of the survey response data. Designed well, robust and repeatable automated processes can take the grind out of handling survey data sets - improving quality and reducing cost on a daily basis. Survey Management System is a Windows application which empowers the development, distributing and analysis of survey forms to improve communication, process management, and decision support across the organization. This is suitable for institutes that require surveying and interviewing techniques to measure evaluation among different participant's levels and categories. Survey management System provides extensive features to harness a rich survey management experience. Such management features include:

  • A rich survey designing architecture
  • Powerful survey distribution and redistribution methods
  • A rich role-based accessibility engine which encourages user collaboration
  • Lots of analytical reports
  • Multilingual

Survey architecture

The system includes wide yet extensible repositories of survey sections and questions. It also provides the means to customize survey forms.

  • Upload Image
  • Survey Image
  • Upload Questionnaire
  • Survey Questionnaire