With the signoSign/2 software you can create PDF documents, sign them by hand and process them automatically. You can use signotec signature pads, Windows tablet -PCs or Android or Apple iOS mobile devices as input devices for handwritten signatures. This allows you to digitise signatures flexibly and easily.

During document processing, the software also supports you with many options for automating the process. For example, you can predefine signature positions (signature fields), storage location, file name, e-mail dispatch and much more per document type. The software can recognise your documents based on these rules and process them accordingly.

With the software, you can also generate legally compliant and legally admissible electronic signatures according to the ISO standard as well as the European eIDAS regulation, all directly within your digital document. A check of the integrity of the content can therefore be carried out by anyone at any time without any technical effort. No additional files or special systems are necessary.

No more printing paper "just" for the signature! Reduce costs, speed up processing and turnaround times and reliably prevent misuse.

You can test the software free of charge and without obligation. The range of functions is not limited, but watermarks will be inserted in the document during the test phase. For unrestricted use, one licence needs to be purchased per workstation.

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(1) Create and open document

  • Create your documents as usual in your preferred systems, e.g. Microsoft Office or an ERP or CRM system.
  • "Print" your documents and forms directly in signoSign/2 using the included signotec PDF Creator.
  • Open existing PDF documents via drag and drop, context menu or by means of software code via transfer parameters or URL pattern.

(2) Edit document

  • Fill in existing electronic form fields (e.g. text fields or checkboxes) directly in signoSign/2.
  • Add more documents or images to your document via webcam or scanner.
  • Use handwritten notes and your own stamps or seals anywhere in the document.
  • Automated processing options help you save redundant steps.

(3) Sign

  • Sign your documents with a secure and legally compliant signature according to ISO standard and eIDAS regulation of the EU.
  • Use signotec signature pads for the highest possible quality and security.
  • Use your Windows tablet -PC or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to sign directly on the touchscreen. (optional)

(4) Further processing / archiving

  • Use automated saving options to archive the document with individual file names
  • Automated print and email options help with finishing and shipping.
  • Use options to pass the document to your own programs and applications.

PDF signature with signoSign/2

With the signoSign/2 software you can create PDF documents, sign them by hand and process them automatically.

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